Store display


BRIEF: To create a cabinet display promoting a store (September 2012)
I chose Dymocks for my store and had fun creating a stack of ‘book spines’ to advertise their name on. (Again this is just a school project and not a true Dymocks display) I had some rounded timber lengths, covered them in canvas then carefully drew the Dymocks logo in red permanent marker- surprisingly I only used two markers. I was pleased with how the books turned out. However I found I had difficulty with my arrangement of Dymocks information, it just didn’t quite look balanced and to begin with I was trying to fit in too much. My teacher helped me simplify the layout. Below is a photo of my first attempt. he At first I was inwardly slightly angry that she could change it so much, but I realised that it had greatly improved and was grateful for her assistance.DSC01307

LESSON LEARNT: It can be difficult to see beyond your original idea, always stretch your mind and be grateful for the help you receive now, for you may not recieve any later on.


Winter Wonderland


We had to decorate a body form in seasonal decorations (I chose winter, but hopefully you realised that) and to create a frame for it.
This was such fun! I had the chance to decorate something, to create something entirely over the top to celebrate my favourite season. I truly love over the top costumes!! However this project tested out my ability to balance how much is too much with more is more. It involved lacing the body form in beads, fake crystals, feathers, pine leaves, satin, doilies, even an umbrella. It was one of my favourite projects (June 2012, I think) and I was very pleased with the outcome. I found the feathers at a great place Reverse Art Truck, where you can find all kinds of bits and pieces for such projects at very cheap prices. The frame was blue streamers, to reflect rain, and I think this worked well, however I feel it needs a slight trim.

LESSONS LEARNT: Chicken wire is hell to work with; I think I stabbed myself a hundred times. Also be careful with transport- folding the streamers to ensure easy transport ended up bending them in funny angles. Furthermore if your offered a lift when you have a heavy load (by someone you know that is, not a stranger!) accept it. Trust me. One day I had to walk to school, about a 40 minute walk, with this awkward to carry body form. It was raining. Heavily. And what’s more my bag broke. I think I was nearly in tears when I finally got to school.

Marvellous Creations

ImageFirstly I would like to apologise for the horrible photo, I’m working on it.
Brief: Create a window display advertising food, beauty products, stationary or something else, but I can’t quite remember. Also include a paper sculpture, which we made in studio.

This window was created in June I think, our second display. My idea was to create hot air balloons, to advertise the new Cadbury chocolate, to reflect their fun new ads advertising the Marvellous Creations. (Once again no copyright intended, I have no idea if I have to put this in but better be safe than sorry)

I am 75% pleased with this, I left way too much negative space at the bottom of the window! This is because I suspended my first balloon too high and by the time I got to the bottom I had all this negative space left over. It was our first time suspending so I suppose I should be pleased they stayed up at all but it was annoying all the same! Perhaps I should have suspended from the ground up, as they are such high windows, people are more likely to look down then up.

LESSON LEARNT: I learnt a few things through this window. Firstly paper does not smoothly go onto a round surface, so my balloons were very textured!  Secondly my clouds below the chocolates could have been bigger. I didn’t even think of this until my teacher suggested it afterwards- he was right they would have looked fuller and fluffier, mind you to begin with it was hard to take the criticism. So that was another lesson to take on- any opinions on your work will help you grow and better yourself so don’t take it personally and get offended. (Easier said then done mind you) The constructive criticism made me hate my display at the time! I couldn’t see past the flaws, but I must realise nothing is perfect and never will be so just take it on and improve next time.

Oh finally, don’t use masking tape alone to hold things onto a suspended item. One of my chocolates missed the double sided tape and the next day it had fallen on the floor. MAKE SURE you use the correct adhesives; there is nothing more painful seeing your hard work fall apart. Thank god I got to go in and fix it!

Pretty in Pink


This is the first window display I did in my course, April 2012. We had to design a cabinet to advertise a toy, evidently I chose Barbie. (This is not a true Barbie promotion or anything like that, just a class assessment- no copyright intended!!)
I was quite pleased and relieved with how it turned out; it was a fun to transform the window into a Barbie box. As a child the most exciting moment was opening the Barbie, the challenge of undoing all those nuisance wires that held the Barbie in place was a thrill.

Note: I really must get into the habit of using a tape measure or ruler, eyeing the spacing just won’t give you the same result!

First Impressions

Welcome to my blog!
Inspired by watching from the sidelines, I’ve finally decided to dive into the world of blogging. I admit I hold a romantic dream of being an ace blogger, travelling the world creating exciting window displays with a suitcase filled to the brim with deliciously beautiful clothing, on my head a Philip Treacy hat, my feet enclosed in a pair of Kobi Levi shoes. A dream which is a tinsy tiny pinpoint on the horizon for a 19 year student with no job, but hey its sounds like a dream worth chasing.

Here I plan on charting that journey, wish me luck.