eastlandbumpin23 weeks since I bemoaned teamwork, today I embrace it. Yesterday we installed our first industry project and without everyone pitching in it wouldn’t have been achieved. Don’t get me wrong there was certainly a fair amount of blood, sweat and tears shed, (the latter surprisingly not from me) and relationships were certainly tested, but nonetheless the unlikely has been achieved and with positive results! Within a few hours, my badly scaled drawing was transformed into what I would like to believe a professional looking display.

Brief: To create a display to promote Eastland’s fresh food program, Feastland.

Outcome: I think we were all really pleased with the outcome, the tree looked like a tree, the display was bright and organic and the installation, though a little slow due to the late arrival of some props, was quite enjoyable. I don’t think the layout is perfect, especially with the missing barrel, which was supposed to provide a middle height between the mannequin on the ladder and boxes below. (Though you can see, if you look closely, it eventually turned up the next day when we had finished the installation, so it couldn’t be added properly.) But I think it was not a bad job for our first true promotion.

Lessons learnt: With this project I have no idea where to start, it was definitely a learning experience. One thing we quickly learnt is that communication can go wrong at either end, this time it was at the other end- a key prop was misplaced and though we managed to work around the missing ingredient it was a bit of a shame. So always have a few back up ideas in the case that something does goes astray. Another thing which surprised me was how the scale of props change when they are moved into a new space. I was shocked at how small the tree appeared within the vast space of the shopping centre, back at school it had seemed so large. This is a key aspect to keep in mind; as if it is a drastic change of size, props can lose their ‘look at me’ quality, which can be disappointing. Another thing was we had to do was secure everything! I mean everything, every apple, strawberry and box was fishing lined to each other to prevent theft, to secure the display and in the instance of the tree to prevent it from falling and seriously maiming anyone, which I am pleased to say has not occurred of yet.

Another key lesson- the price of things! I never believed how much things cost, even with bulk purchase discounts and bargain hunting, prices were a lot higher than I ever imagined. Though the clients didn’t even blink an eye at the costs, which were snuggly under budget, I have learnt to appreciate just how much VM must cost and the importance of looking after purchases. Creating good contacts who will help keep costs down would also be recommended.

I am so grateful that everyone pulled their weight and really helped out and contributed to ensure the best results. All teams worked on one aspect or another and it all came together wonderfully and to a high standard. Thanks to Eastland for giving us this opportunity, it was really beneficial and even enjoyable, despite the stress.

Oh and one final thing-always take your tool bag. Can you believe that between us all no one remembered to bring a pair of scissors?


featslandThe tree was made from MDF, Expanda foam, chicken wire, paint, a number of garlands and artificial apple branches. The competition box, built by one of the other teams, from old timber fencing. Can you guess how many apples are in the crate? If you can, head over to Eastland for your chance to win a $200 gift voucher!



The enormous fog of stress and irritation that burdened me for too long is gone! Days and days of worry and tears, of irrational anger and butterflies, lifted within a ridiculously quick 15 minute test (not that I am complaining.) It is bizarre looking back now, the enormity of the stress I bottled in the days leading up to my drivers test and though the last few days  before hand were among the worst of my life (I have lived a very blessed life,) the entire pressure of achieving the 120 hours has been a burden I carried for far too long. One cannot begin to comprehend the relief I feel. Never again do I have to take down an odometer reading or reverse parallel park for ‘fun.’ Never again will I have to fill in that blasted logbook or  “mirror, indicate , head check”, although hopefully I do, because I certainly don’t ever won’t to loose my licence or be in an accident.
The funny thing is that I don’t particularly care for driving and I am in no real hurry to get out and drive around, relishing my new found freedom, though one is definitely not quite as free without a car. No it’s just that I finally feel I have achieved something within my 19, nearly 20 years. Sure I have achieved some good grades and have done some work I’m really proud of, but I feel like I haven’t really achieved any of those major right of passages. But now I have! Yes I have passed my drivers test, a feat I never believed possible! Not because I am a terrible driver, but because I am a realist, (or really a pessimist in denial), and felt there were so many things that could result in instant failure; incorrect logbook, hitting a kerb or worse another car, not that I have ever done that but still.
What I have learnt from this “right of passage?” That I need to relax, the hours of stress I put in to such things is ridiculous and though I am super uber happy I passed, after the test I just felt normal again- one just doesn’t get the same amount of relief and joy as stress, so really it’s not worth it because no one likes a snappy, teary sad sack.
(I do not own this image, full credit to the original photographer)

Teamwork for introverts

TEAMWORK. The word that can strike fear in a heart or result in excessive joy.

As more of an introvert than extrovert, it certainly isn’t one of my favourite words. The announcement of it propels a wave of discomfort and the revival of an ingrained shyness, that causes me to second guess my ideas. And whilst extroverts can be the perfect cover for asking the questions you don’t want to and who will certainly relieve the awkwardness of a silent classroom, it is intimidating to voice ideas to them. However when one, not just realises, but practices, that your idea is just a valid as anyone else’s, and furthermore that others too are equally important, I feel teamwork has its place.

Working in teams, we recently received our first industry project: concepts to be created and presented in teams, the chosen concept to be undertaken as a class. To my surprise our teams concept was chosen and though I am pleased, I am quite nervous, the pressure to pull off what is questionably quite a challenge for a project due in two weeks, makes my stomach churn. And yes, while we will have a large group working on it, the pressure of not letting the rest of the class down is uncomfortable. Note; my bigger fear is the display falling down and seriously maiming someone, but lets hope this is just the fears of a overactive imagination.

But its not all doom and worry, as today I did have one small hooray moment- I was actually able to express my thoughts and even lead a little, a massive step for me. Perhaps all these group projects and dare I say it, dreaded oral presentations, are beginning to pay off? (Secretly I hope this is not the case, just so I can disprove every person who has ever told you it is beneficial to give the wretched speeches.) So after today I admit I am feeling better about it all, we certainly have brainstormed a lot about how we can successfully pull it off and the project has already taught me a few lessons.

#1.Consider the timeline before developing an overambitious concept, certainly it will look great if it works, but it puts significant strain on ones nerves. #2. Measurements and scale are your new best friends. Ensure you always have the correct ones before presenting a concept, otherwise it will create a lot of stress and negative feelings behind the scenes. I’m sure there will be a few going home tonight cursing us a little. #3. Make sure this project comes together to create an ace promotion! (Otherwise they will all quietly hate you.)

Wish us luck! Shall keep you posted.
teamwork(I do not own this image, it is beautiful, unfortunately I cannot find who captured it but full credit to them)

W.E Ride

After about three weeks of school, Easter holidays have come and gone and whilst I have next to nothing to show for them aside from a massive pile of homework, I managed to cram in another video. I promise I won’t post any more on here but I just had to share the wonderfulness of Lana Del Rey and W.E.

W.E again? Yes I realise I have mentioned it before, (I promise I am not getting paid to advertise it), but it is a fantastic medium to use for such things and visually I just love it. As for Lana, she is wonderful and her music video monologues are poetic so to combine the two seemed delightful. Thankfully the quality is a lot better this time! (click on the picture to view)

& with that, it is time to welcome term two.

SURPRISE I got you a gif

As a self-confessed Pinterest fan and blog follower, I admit I missed the Tumblr bandwagon. My sisters friend had one a few years ago which we used to waste away many hours, rolling around in pearls of laughter at what seemed the funniest gifs we had ever seen. However since then, aside from appreciating some in passing, I could never really get into it. Same goes for instagram, I adore pinning wonderful photos taken by skilled photographers, but sharing my own? Is anyone really interested in my less than brilliant photography?

None the less, I felt that even with Pinterest I wasn’t able to collect all my inspiration, motion was missing from my lovely yet static inspirations, so I turned to Tumblr. Despite its somewhat clunky system and the fact that I find it difficult to easily find gifs, I soon built up a modest collection and what’s more I made my own too!  After a great tutorial on making gifs (99 Designs)- who knew you could make them on Photoshop? I have made 5 and it turns out its quite fun. Below I have treated you to my second one (my first one was slightly less than average.) Here’s hoping Tumblr will prove to be a great place to store further inspiration. Check my Tumblr out at Like A Million Stars!

Now if only there was an app that combined images, videos, gifs and music!

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