Knitting Numbats

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I have an embarrassing confession to make; the redundancy of Julia Gillard brought me to tears. Yes to tears. I don’t know what’s wrong with me? I have never expressed any real interest in politics and certainly don’t hold any particular love for either Gillard or Abbot. Yet, I sat on my couch and cried big, salty tears over her dismissal. Why? Because it turns out, I’m a sucker for a knitted kangaroo.

I don’t know if Julia truly loves knitting, (I hope she does because I think it’s a lovely past time,) or if it was just a clever PR stunt, but there was something about the Women’s Weekly article and her knitted kangaroo that tugged at my heartstrings. Ok, the fact that it was for lovely William and Kate’s baby, was probably a contributing factor, and that it was a knitted marsupial and not a beanie, nor jumper, nor booty, was a definite booster. Nonetheless, this one small article won me over, like Ben and Jerry’s would win over an anti- icecreamist.

Don’t get me wrong, I realise there is more to politics than well scripted words and images. Though if truth be told, there probably isn’t that much else to it, but I know how people love to argue about policies and taxes and appreciate that it is a necessary ‘discussion’ release.  However when it comes down to it, politics, is politics. It’s dull, stressful, laughable, anger inducing and even important, but no matter who you vote for, there will always be controversial decisions and policies that don’t support you. The world is already too serious and painful, so whilst I still carry the excuse of being a youthful, naïve, selfish 19 year old, I will be swayed by the lovely innocence of a knitted kangaroo.

So PR you got me. I’m a sucker for a softie, and yes this may be my maternal side or I may just be blinded by my naivety and youth, but that knitted kangaroo did more for Gillard in my eyes than any policy or haircut.

So I’m sorry, I won’t be embracing Rudd. Not unless he pulls out his knitting needles and knits the Queen a Numbat.



lyc2actusalTrawling through the craft boards on Pinterest one is bound to come across numerous paint sample crafts. Many, question the ethics of these activities, frowning upon the abuse of free samples, worried that paint samples will follow the dark path of the beloved sample pot. The realisation that I would need to collect a fair few myself and become one of these offenders, made me uncomfortable. Thankfully I didn’t need nearly as many as some of the projects I have seen, wall plasterers I am looking at you, but still it was with a hung head and awkward shiftiness that I snuffled  away more than my share.

Nonetheless  despite my paint sample trepidations and the struggle I had with minimalism, (as expressed in post The Art of Minimalism,) my display is now complete and to be honest I’m super relieved it’s over. Visually it is a simple looking display, but surprisingly I had more struggles with this display than any of my others. I feel it worked out in the end, for which I am enormously happy; the addition of the decal was definitely essential and I am so glad I branded Wattyl for a second time, a last minute thought, but one which pulled it all together.

One of the many things I learnt though, and entirely regret not thinking of earlier, was the idea of using one large foam core board, folded in thirds to allow one clean backdrop. I used 3 individual boards, which was nightmarish due to some ruler mishaps- to have thought of the former idea originally would have saved me a lot of trouble and avoided me developing an absolute loathing of  foam core!

lyc1lyc3(This is not a true Wattyl display, just for educational purposes)