Riding Bicycles

“I want to ride my bicycle, I want to ride my bike” This was how I felt when I saw how wonderful the GIANT bike, we were to use in our window display was! Gleaming turquoise with perfectly pumped tires, it took all my will not to jump on it and ride off into the glorious sunset. Thankfully I didn’t because it looked fantastic in our window. I was very pleased with this display- the careful paintwork teamed with the matching accessories and mannequin worked well and we felt were able to strike the right balance between chic and urban. Though simple in prop creation and execution, it was an eye catching, clean display, which focused attention on both the bike and branding. LESSON: It is a tense feeling, not knowing how your key product looks. We had to wait till the day of the bump in to pick up the bike. Unsure of colour and size, we waited with fingers crossed for its arrival. When it showed up 2 shades darker than expected, I was surprisingly overjoyed, it looked even better against the chosen wall paint. This easily could have gone the other way, but thankfully for us our lucky stars were shining!