One does not simply get a job.

Because, clearly, I’m a 12 year old boy, I spent my afternoon playing the Lord of the Rings lego app. Remember that highly successful VM who changed the face of Australian retailers? Nope, because she spent all her time scrolling the internet aimlessly looking at celebrity Christmas trees and playing LOTR. I wish I could say I have achieved something in the last two days, but I haven’t. Granted I worked both days, (and then spent all my pay buying our latest products,) yet I still could have applied to at least ONE job. But it’s nearly Christmas and to have fun isn’t criminal, so don’t beat yourself up, if you, like me, catch yourself doing so.
However remember what Lorde wisely states “All business all day, keeps me up a level.” I mean she’s sixteen and dominating the world. Clearly she’s onto something. So Saturday I will implement my new mantra, but tomorrow, I’m defeating Sauron.
ENTHUSIASM LEVEL: Excited! But for all the wrong reasons.

Oh and one more thing if you usually hate electronic games because you always die and have to start over again, the lego games are so much fun! You just run around getting coins, not dying. What’s more to love?



Remember when Dumbledore stated to Harry “I sometimes find, and I am sure you know the feeling, that I simply have too many thoughts and memories crammed into my mind.” Well I entirely understand and truly wish that I had a pensieve. Today I got in such a state of stress over jobs it was ridiculous. Let’s just say it’s incredibly frustrating when you search Visual Merchandising jobs and yield only sales assistant & store manager positions. I believe that is not what I searched for. So here’s a niche idea for any business orientated people- a visual merchandising recruitment agency. This would be truly wonderful.
Tip of the day: If you’re anything like me- a major stress head, it’s so important you find a release, otherwise you end up wasting the entire day, creating even more stress! In risk of sounding cliche, music works for me, but it may be yoga, puzzles or simply writing a list, although the latter is usually another form of procrastination, inducing even more worry.
ENTHUSIASM LEVEL: overwhelmed.

Piece of Paper

As everyone knows a resume will make or break your opportunities, so the pressure is on when you sit down at your computer and open a blank document. You need to capture the reader, then hold them for at least 10 seconds to have a chance at an interview. It cannot be too long, nor too short and must explain your skills and attributes without being too arrogant, but neither too meek. Further if you’re in the creative industry it should reflect your flair and pazazz; so layout, colour and font procrastination is inevitable.

Surprisingly I made a fair bit of progress today after days of colour theme and font deliberation, (I find choosing fonts such a painful process.) What’s more I managed to fit it all nicely on one page. One page! So neat! Mind, then you think about it and it feels somewhat depressing that your life can be whittled down to a single piece of paper and that this paper is you.
However I am so glad that this process is done and with just a few final tweaks to be made, I should be ready to begin applications in a few days, allowing for folio creation. The joys of tomorrow.
ENTHUSIASM LEVEL: meh, I could be doing holiday activities.

Because we all want to know how to write a killer resume, there are so many articles on getting it right. Here’s a couple I referred too.
Blue Sky Resumes
The Simple Dollar
Oh and check out these unique resumes, I simply love them!


Suddenly Older

As a teenager it is inevitable that you will be asked “So what do you want to be when you grow up?” at least 3 times per family event. Forget the fact that you will be asked exactly that, once again in another two weeks, by the same relation.  I always had two major problems with the question, firstly when  does one actually grow up? Secondly this is the most impossible question to answer when you have absolutely no clue. On the upside, a mumbled generic “uh something creative?”  should cut the conversation short. Unfortunately  however, it would often result in a 30 minute pitch on what you should do.

Fortunately I have passed these days and am super keen to at least begin my career as a visual merchandiser, but I will admit it’s just as overwhelming as it was two years ago. Where do you even start? The last few months of my course sped past at such a pace it felt like a constant race to get things done, then it’s over, and your left feeling as green as a year seven on their first day of high school. I have learnt an incredible amount over the last two years, but now my course, totalling off fourteen years of schooling, is suddenly over and I am suddenly older!