Fashion Police.
The two words which caused sirens of horror to go off in my mind. Not because I am on the run from some hideous outfit offence, although I’m sure we all harbour a few dark fashion moments, but because this is the theme of our end of year exhibition. I shuddered when I first heard the words, my mind instantly leaping to tasteless, trashy and blah. However with some persuasion and discussion I was sold and even excited about the idea. Here is the opportunity to take a subject that doesn’t sound too flash and turn it into something fun, but to good taste, with a touch of class. The opportunities for design, display and promotion are great and with the right angle I feel it can be pulled off quite successfully. Although without wanting to dampen anyones dreams, I feel that the idea that it could go viral is a tad far fetched. Just a tad. Nonetheless, I would love to be on the media team, there are such possibilities in this media filled world and it excites me to know I can have the opportunity to test out these in a way that serves a purpose. I know this project will be a lot of hard work, but super exciting stuff is happening and I am ready to grab this project with two hand and dive right in!

Oh and on another note, excitingly we have received a number of positive responses from our Feastland project with Eastland wanting us to do another two displays and some other companies interested in involving us in some future projects! So super pumped all round!


The above poster was made using the handy app Phoster- the application that enables you to create neat, stylish posters in minutes!




After a highly average day, my day was made with the appearance of my new Jelly Beans! They’ve been a long time coming, due to errors of my own, of firstly ordering the wrong colour and then the wrong size; (let’s just say size 29 was a tad small considering I am a size 39.) I was evidently having a couple of bad days. But they were worth the wait as they are so super awesome! They simply fill me with joy! I can’t wait to get some other colours. The service of Jelly Beans was fantastic, they were very patient with my errors and shipping was speedy & hey did you see how they threw in a packet of real jelly beans- delicious.

Shiny start to new semester

Finally back to school after three months of holiday- not complaining about the break, but after 12 weeks its exciting to be back. Had my first few classes last week and I am feeling pumped about the year ahead, so yay. In the last weeks of the holiday I sorted through my tool bag and the materials I had accumulated throughout the last year. I found I had a lot of fabric left from backdrops of photo shoots and windows and not wanting to waste it asked mum if she could make me a pair of shorts & here they are- they’re so shiny! She did a very impressive job considering they were fairly complicated and her sewing level, though 100 times better than mine, is a bit limited so cheers Mum!


Cassette Case

Something you can be assured of finding at op shops are videos. With videos near obsolete we receive hundreds of them and at 50 cents each, when looking for an old film you can’t really go wrong. However with Itunes, DVD’s, Blu-ray and all that jazz, many go to waste so today I was thinking about what you could actually do with all those old videos? What struck me is that the case is a very similar shape to a clutch, so I thought hey why not make one? It turned out to be quite simple.

Grab a video, remove the cassette and the cover page. Slip a piece of fabric into the plastic slip. Line the inside of the case with a thicker fabric using fabric/plastic glue. Cut two quarter circle like shapes to block off the sides and hot glue them along the inside of the top and bottom to connect the front and back. Cut a strip of complimentary fabric for the spine, cut this in half to stick along each side of the opening. This can fray so use shearing scissors or a fabric that won’t to assure the best results. Finally find something you can use for a handle to give a finishing touch and add to the clutch like feel. I chose a beautiful brooch which added subtle bling but wasn’t too big so it didn’t hold uncomfortably. (Note my handle doesn’t actually open the clutch, it’s just an embellishment, you just open the case as you would a video)

Volia a new clutch at the very cheap price of 50 cents!clutch1clutch3clutch2

Welcome the year of the snake!

With a nod to the vivid red and bright yellow flag of China- playful cutouts, Medusa styled head dresses and  jewel encrusted snakes inspired these Chinese New Year outfits!bordernewyear

With the holidays ending soon, to both disappointment and excitement, I felt I should exercise my Visual Merchandising skills.  Inspired by some fabulous New Year windows I  wanted to create my own display. Unfortunately only 2 hours remain of the New Years day, (I figured it would best posted on the actual day,) so my drawing below is only a rough sketch and missing major elements. None the less hopefully the idea is still clear.

Imagine an oversized fortune cookies, split in half. A mannequin wearing one of the Chinese New Year outfits stands next to the biscuit, her foot resting on the broken cookie which she has just broken open with her golden heeled sandals. Ruby embellished snakes slither free from their tasty enclosure. The arrival of the year of the snake.

Happy Chinese New Year- may it be a great one!

(Above I have used templates from fashionary.org so I can get my ideas down easily and efficiently without having to worry about the  figures)


Ode to daggy jumpers

It’s about 30 degrees outside and about 5 degrees hotter inside and yet all I find myself thinking about is how much I can’t wait to wear a beanie and jumper again. I don’t know what it is about daggy jumpers that I find so delightful? Perhaps it’s the fact that I live in Australia and have been robbed of any ‘ugly’ Christmas sweaters or the fact that they strike up images of crisp snow, fireplaces and Harry Potter. (I have never seen snow in person, so my idealism of a frosty winter may be swayed by clichés and the fact I have never been caught in a blizzard, snowed in or had to shovel in the freezing cold to clear my driveway.)

Working at an op shop you can imagine the temptation I suffer- the knitwear section brims with knitted kangaroos, horrific blends of brown horizontal stripes and diamond prints. Therefore with work tomorrow and an empty wallet, today I attempted to quell this unseasonal craving- I decided to give one of my knits a makeover. Behold my new and improved daggy jumper.

jumper1cut2DSC03075To make the love heart I actually used some old cotton samples we were going to throw out. They were bound into little bow shapes and I simply fabric glued them onto a calico love heart which I then stitched on to the jumper. Very easy and kind of cute, despite its dagginess! The only problem is now I can’t wait to wear it.