So after many months our fashion police expo is finally complete, admittedly my coverage of the many stresses and lessons have been few but once I have time to breath I will share some of the experience. So please check out our website or Facebook page and if you happen to be in Prahran, Melbourne feel free to pop in within the next few days. There are also a few competitions, online and at the expo with some great prizes up for grabs. Finally we have been running a small blog, so likes and follows are welcome!
Fashion Police Expo
Prahran & Wantirna Swinburne Visual Merchandising students
David Williamson Theatre,
Prahran Swinburne Campus
Melbourne, Vic.



Riding Bicycles

“I want to ride my bicycle, I want to ride my bike” This was how I felt when I saw how wonderful the GIANT bike, we were to use in our window display was! Gleaming turquoise with perfectly pumped tires, it took all my will not to jump on it and ride off into the glorious sunset. Thankfully I didn’t because it looked fantastic in our window. I was very pleased with this display- the careful paintwork teamed with the matching accessories and mannequin worked well and we felt were able to strike the right balance between chic and urban. Though simple in prop creation and execution, it was an eye catching, clean display, which focused attention on both the bike and branding. LESSON: It is a tense feeling, not knowing how your key product looks. We had to wait till the day of the bump in to pick up the bike. Unsure of colour and size, we waited with fingers crossed for its arrival. When it showed up 2 shades darker than expected, I was surprisingly overjoyed, it looked even better against the chosen wall paint. This easily could have gone the other way, but thankfully for us our lucky stars were shining!




Wireless Detox

During the holidays I usually get into a routine: wake up, eat breakfast, have an hour or two of free time, (generally on the computer), then attempt to make a dent in the homework pile. It’s been three weeks and so far the bite I have made into it, is more of a nibble. Nonetheless slowly I’m getting through it.

However each morning as I get out my homework, I am faced with the same third world problem, PC? Laptop? Ipad? Or good old-fashioned paper & pen? Although let’s be honest, the latter is not often my first choice. Our generation has been blessed with these choices, each with their vices and virtues, but I have to admit juggling between them is becoming overwhelming and somewhat a task in itself. Recently I have noticed how often I have jumped onto the computer to whip up some thumbnails, something I used to enjoy doing by hand. Or flicked through the Ipad to brainstorm ideas, forgetting to scratch up the beloved mind maps I used to create. Furthermore I don’t even think I have picked up a pen to write more than a birthday card greeting in over six months. This, you could say, is somewhat unhealthy and what’s more I waste time messing between them. I will start on one computer, then after some time; grow weary of the ‘scenery’ and move to the Ipad or the laptop. Then I realise I forgot to save my work to Drop Box so have to switch back. It’s exhausting and oddly increasing my stress levels. My brain feels scattered, once I was able to pick up a folio and say ‘Ok, this is what I have done so far,’ now if I need to gather my work, it takes half an hour or so until I finally collect it all together, (although this could say something about my organisation system.)

However organisational skills aside, I am going to go on a technology detox; no Ipad, computer or laptop use for homework over the next week. This is no excuse not to do homework; I must complete the same amount I would have done otherwise. But I need to get back in touch with paper and pen! With the likes of Photoshop at my fingertips, I fear I have lost the ability to draw. I mean why draw when I can get my ideas looking like the real deal? But that’s not the point, I need a break from them all and so do my eyes, even now my screen is too bright, it’s causing me to squint, despite the fact it’s on the lowest brightness, (again, this may be my eye site at fault but not the point.)

Funnily enough, I have no issues with mobile phones, somehow I skipped out on that obsession, my phone only used to make the occasional phone call. So mobile phones= ok, but I will attempt this one week detox of the other trio and hopefully it will not only reunite me with my lost sketch book but lower my stress levels. Regrettably I have been distracted yet again by technology; I’m supposed to be doing homework, so back to the books for me, literally, for the first time in a long time.


The big 2 0

So unbelievably I have reached the extremely old and intimidating age of 20.  It was with a heavy heart that I said goodbye to my teen years, and reluctantly welcomed the next 10. I don’t know why once you reach 20, one starts counting in 10’s, it just seems you hit 20, then any second you’ll be 30, then 40 and then suddenly you’re 60. An age which for some reason seems older than 70- you’re not old enough to be an elder, but  you’re too old to be considered middle-aged.  I don’t mind eventually reaching these ripe old ages, as I plan on living to 100 but still, not keen on the fact that time is slipping by so quickly. So feeling sentimental for my teen years I wanted to capture my tastes of the last few months so that my 30-year-old self can look back and say “My god what on earth were you thinking?” Or better, but probably a little over optimistic, “My god you had fabulous taste.” It was difficult to narrow down my 3738 Pinterest pins, but here is the cream. Also I do not own or have not created any of these images.


Ok, so I didn’t really do a good job at cutting them down, but there are just too many beautiful things in the world!

Knitting Numbats

Photo 27-06-13 12 35 24 AM

I have an embarrassing confession to make; the redundancy of Julia Gillard brought me to tears. Yes to tears. I don’t know what’s wrong with me? I have never expressed any real interest in politics and certainly don’t hold any particular love for either Gillard or Abbot. Yet, I sat on my couch and cried big, salty tears over her dismissal. Why? Because it turns out, I’m a sucker for a knitted kangaroo.

I don’t know if Julia truly loves knitting, (I hope she does because I think it’s a lovely past time,) or if it was just a clever PR stunt, but there was something about the Women’s Weekly article and her knitted kangaroo that tugged at my heartstrings. Ok, the fact that it was for lovely William and Kate’s baby, was probably a contributing factor, and that it was a knitted marsupial and not a beanie, nor jumper, nor booty, was a definite booster. Nonetheless, this one small article won me over, like Ben and Jerry’s would win over an anti- icecreamist.

Don’t get me wrong, I realise there is more to politics than well scripted words and images. Though if truth be told, there probably isn’t that much else to it, but I know how people love to argue about policies and taxes and appreciate that it is a necessary ‘discussion’ release.  However when it comes down to it, politics, is politics. It’s dull, stressful, laughable, anger inducing and even important, but no matter who you vote for, there will always be controversial decisions and policies that don’t support you. The world is already too serious and painful, so whilst I still carry the excuse of being a youthful, naïve, selfish 19 year old, I will be swayed by the lovely innocence of a knitted kangaroo.

So PR you got me. I’m a sucker for a softie, and yes this may be my maternal side or I may just be blinded by my naivety and youth, but that knitted kangaroo did more for Gillard in my eyes than any policy or haircut.

So I’m sorry, I won’t be embracing Rudd. Not unless he pulls out his knitting needles and knits the Queen a Numbat.


lyc2actusalTrawling through the craft boards on Pinterest one is bound to come across numerous paint sample crafts. Many, question the ethics of these activities, frowning upon the abuse of free samples, worried that paint samples will follow the dark path of the beloved sample pot. The realisation that I would need to collect a fair few myself and become one of these offenders, made me uncomfortable. Thankfully I didn’t need nearly as many as some of the projects I have seen, wall plasterers I am looking at you, but still it was with a hung head and awkward shiftiness that I snuffled  away more than my share.

Nonetheless  despite my paint sample trepidations and the struggle I had with minimalism, (as expressed in post The Art of Minimalism,) my display is now complete and to be honest I’m super relieved it’s over. Visually it is a simple looking display, but surprisingly I had more struggles with this display than any of my others. I feel it worked out in the end, for which I am enormously happy; the addition of the decal was definitely essential and I am so glad I branded Wattyl for a second time, a last minute thought, but one which pulled it all together.

One of the many things I learnt though, and entirely regret not thinking of earlier, was the idea of using one large foam core board, folded in thirds to allow one clean backdrop. I used 3 individual boards, which was nightmarish due to some ruler mishaps- to have thought of the former idea originally would have saved me a lot of trouble and avoided me developing an absolute loathing of  foam core!

lyc1lyc3(This is not a true Wattyl display, just for educational purposes)