One does not simply get a job.

Because, clearly, I’m a 12 year old boy, I spent my afternoon playing the Lord of the Rings lego app. Remember that highly successful VM who changed the face of Australian retailers? Nope, because she spent all her time scrolling the internet aimlessly looking at celebrity Christmas trees and playing LOTR. I wish I could say I have achieved something in the last two days, but I haven’t. Granted I worked both days, (and then spent all my pay buying our latest products,) yet I still could have applied to at least ONE job. But it’s nearly Christmas and to have fun isn’t criminal, so don’t beat yourself up, if you, like me, catch yourself doing so.
However remember what Lorde wisely states “All business all day, keeps me up a level.” I mean she’s sixteen and dominating the world. Clearly she’s onto something. So Saturday I will implement my new mantra, but tomorrow, I’m defeating Sauron.
ENTHUSIASM LEVEL: Excited! But for all the wrong reasons.

Oh and one more thing if you usually hate electronic games because you always die and have to start over again, the lego games are so much fun! You just run around getting coins, not dying. What’s more to love?


Christmas in September

Trifle Photo 1Trifle Photo 4Trifle Photo 3

The brief was to produce photographs for a Christmas recipe book (September, 2012)
This one was very stressful for me as I’m not good with photography ; you can probably tell by my previous less than perfect project photos and this was our first photo shoot . The only part I was excited about was the making of the trifles, as cooking is such fun! However it was not as bad as I thought it would be. Sure after my teacher had helped me set up the camera settings I kept the camera on the same settings throughout the entire shoot, but they turned out not half bad, much better than I expected. However this has not made we want to travel down the road of photography any time soon, especially food photography. It’s so difficult to get the food to be perfect, I made about 15 trifles before I was happy and I truly admire those who can do it so well!

It was also difficult to get into the Christmas theme when it was only half way through the year. I became really pumped for the carols, lights and pretty trees, only to remember that there was another 3 months to go.
LESSON LEARNT: Pay attention to detail! This is something I always forget to do when taking photos and that I need to pick up the pace. I only took 52 photos within the hour! Mind you that included set up and pack down time but still.

Christmas List


BRIEF: Using the photos from the Christmas food shoot, we had to create a recipe book prop based on a real book ‘Cooking for Christmas’ and create a display for a book shop. (October 2012)
OUTCOME: This display turned out just how I envisioned it, so for that I was glad.  I wanted to capture the Christmas rush and did this by creating a very long scroll reflecting the giant list of things to do in the lead up to Christmas, it also kind of reflects Santa’s list, which adds to the Christmas feel. To print on the scroll I used a Craft Robo to make a stencil of the recipe and spray painted it onto the paper over and over, and this worked out well.

LESSON LEARNT: Consider EVERY aspect, what I made the mistake of doing was not considering where to put the recipe, it was stark white and didn’t fit in yet was a requirement in the brief. My teacher suggested aging it with coffee and scrunching it, which was better than the plain white but it still appeared unconsidered, like some old piece of rubbish. PLAN FOR ALL ASPECTS ESPECIALLY REQUIREMENTS IN BRIEF, don’t just hope that they will change the brief because you yourself don’t think it’s necessary or it will magically fit in on the day.