So if you had read my last post, you probably have assumed that Sauron defeated me. He didn’t. But the merriment of Christmas and then New Year did, and saw my goal to ‘blog everyday!’ crumble. Even one of my NY resolutions was to do just that and yet it has taken me… 21 days to start that one. However not all has been without resolve. I have been applying for a job near daily the past week, minus weekends because there are simply not enough VM, nor retail related jobs around. How have I kept myself motivated? By editing my resume to suit the job.
Sounds fun I know. But before you judge me, I mean visually (although you should really alter the information too) and there is little more I enjoy than creating colour themes. My idea was inspired by a teacher, who once suggested adapting the fonts to match the clients and a pop of a corporate colour, to form an association between the company and your resume. To try and capture how the company stationary may appear and therefore as if your resume was one of their own documents.
I always thought it was neat idea, whether it works, I have no idea, as no news of success of yet but time shall tell. Nonetheless when your applying to jobs like Sportsgirl or Alannah Hill, who have such a strong image, it is super fun to recreate those signature stripes or eye drop that dark burgundy red curled font.
ENTHUSIASM LEVEL: looking good & feeling better.




lyc2actusalTrawling through the craft boards on Pinterest one is bound to come across numerous paint sample crafts. Many, question the ethics of these activities, frowning upon the abuse of free samples, worried that paint samples will follow the dark path of the beloved sample pot. The realisation that I would need to collect a fair few myself and become one of these offenders, made me uncomfortable. Thankfully I didn’t need nearly as many as some of the projects I have seen, wall plasterers I am looking at you, but still it was with a hung head and awkward shiftiness that I snuffled  away more than my share.

Nonetheless  despite my paint sample trepidations and the struggle I had with minimalism, (as expressed in post The Art of Minimalism,) my display is now complete and to be honest I’m super relieved it’s over. Visually it is a simple looking display, but surprisingly I had more struggles with this display than any of my others. I feel it worked out in the end, for which I am enormously happy; the addition of the decal was definitely essential and I am so glad I branded Wattyl for a second time, a last minute thought, but one which pulled it all together.

One of the many things I learnt though, and entirely regret not thinking of earlier, was the idea of using one large foam core board, folded in thirds to allow one clean backdrop. I used 3 individual boards, which was nightmarish due to some ruler mishaps- to have thought of the former idea originally would have saved me a lot of trouble and avoided me developing an absolute loathing of  foam core!

lyc1lyc3(This is not a true Wattyl display, just for educational purposes)


Minimalism is a very misleading style. It appears easy enough, just throw a chair in white room and voila you have minimalist art, however despite its basic appearances, its a lot harder than it looks. Currently I am undertaking a minimalist display, predominantly white with a splash of colour, yet I am finding it most difficult. I am not a minimalist, I love adornment and character. To try and strip a display to the bare essentials, trying to strike the right balance between minimal, yet not bare, is providing me with a challenge. Do I add a paint brush? A decal? Does it need more colour? Will it become too busy? I look at the other displays so full of life and product and worry that mine will just be blah, forgettable. What my display is missing is a punch point, the colours I intended on having as my grab, are lacking. I need to get me some more pizzazz! So whilst I stew over how to master minimalism, I say hats off to those who can pull of the minimal look, for it is far more difficult than credited.
Below are some works that achieve perfect minimalism by Alexander Kent (1st and 2nd images) & Tatiana Trouvé.



Marvellous Creations

ImageFirstly I would like to apologise for the horrible photo, I’m working on it.
Brief: Create a window display advertising food, beauty products, stationary or something else, but I can’t quite remember. Also include a paper sculpture, which we made in studio.

This window was created in June I think, our second display. My idea was to create hot air balloons, to advertise the new Cadbury chocolate, to reflect their fun new ads advertising the Marvellous Creations. (Once again no copyright intended, I have no idea if I have to put this in but better be safe than sorry)

I am 75% pleased with this, I left way too much negative space at the bottom of the window! This is because I suspended my first balloon too high and by the time I got to the bottom I had all this negative space left over. It was our first time suspending so I suppose I should be pleased they stayed up at all but it was annoying all the same! Perhaps I should have suspended from the ground up, as they are such high windows, people are more likely to look down then up.

LESSON LEARNT: I learnt a few things through this window. Firstly paper does not smoothly go onto a round surface, so my balloons were very textured!  Secondly my clouds below the chocolates could have been bigger. I didn’t even think of this until my teacher suggested it afterwards- he was right they would have looked fuller and fluffier, mind you to begin with it was hard to take the criticism. So that was another lesson to take on- any opinions on your work will help you grow and better yourself so don’t take it personally and get offended. (Easier said then done mind you) The constructive criticism made me hate my display at the time! I couldn’t see past the flaws, but I must realise nothing is perfect and never will be so just take it on and improve next time.

Oh finally, don’t use masking tape alone to hold things onto a suspended item. One of my chocolates missed the double sided tape and the next day it had fallen on the floor. MAKE SURE you use the correct adhesives; there is nothing more painful seeing your hard work fall apart. Thank god I got to go in and fix it!