Life is Messy

After fourteen years of schooling, stepping out into the adult world can be quite a shake up to ones routine. It’s been five months since I finished my course and  still I struggle to deal with the lack of routine. Working in retail does not help. Receiving rosters week by week, also, does not help. In fact I feel that my life recently has been very topsy-turvy, and not in an ‘exciting-rollercoaster-adventure” sort of way. What’s worst is the hours- they tend to be awkward-plunked-in-the-middle-of-your-day shifts, like 11:10am-4:10pm, which results in wasted days of: waiting to go to work, driving to work, actual work, driving home from work, then ‘recovering’ from work (which usually just involves me eating whilst trawling the web or a book for an hour or so.) There is time. But it’s awkward time that seems to flit by in chunks, usually revolving around meal times. This lack of routine also affects my exercise regime, beauty regime and general ability to plan! Making matters worse, it has also taken a kick out of my self-esteem, so I am constantly feeling messy, unpolished and unorganised.

At this point I have no solution- I suppose this is part of the transition to an ‘full-time working adult,’ and that it is just something I will have to work out as I go. I have the time, even though I constantly declare I don’t, I just need to be more flexible.