Remember when Dumbledore stated to Harry “I sometimes find, and I am sure you know the feeling, that I simply have too many thoughts and memories crammed into my mind.” Well I entirely understand and truly wish that I had a pensieve. Today I got in such a state of stress over jobs it was ridiculous. Let’s just say it’s incredibly frustrating when you search Visual Merchandising jobs and yield only sales assistant & store manager positions. I believe that is not what I searched for. So here’s a niche idea for any business orientated people- a visual merchandising recruitment agency. This would be truly wonderful.
Tip of the day: If you’re anything like me- a major stress head, it’s so important you find a release, otherwise you end up wasting the entire day, creating even more stress! In risk of sounding cliche, music works for me, but it may be yoga, puzzles or simply writing a list, although the latter is usually another form of procrastination, inducing even more worry.
ENTHUSIASM LEVEL: overwhelmed.


W.E Ride

After about three weeks of school, Easter holidays have come and gone and whilst I have next to nothing to show for them aside from a massive pile of homework, I managed to cram in another video. I promise I won’t post any more on here but I just had to share the wonderfulness of Lana Del Rey and W.E.

W.E again? Yes I realise I have mentioned it before, (I promise I am not getting paid to advertise it), but it is a fantastic medium to use for such things and visually I just love it. As for Lana, she is wonderful and her music video monologues are poetic so to combine the two seemed delightful. Thankfully the quality is a lot better this time! (click on the picture to view)

& with that, it is time to welcome term two.


My day was as romantic as they come- I had a job interview. With McDonalds. Which I am pretty sure I failed.

But life goes on. So to those who are lonely on this day of sweethearts, have had a crappy day or simply want a boost of joy I have uploaded a music video I made a few months ago celebrating some of the many movies that bring me joy, to the greatness of ‘I want to dance with somebody.’ I dare you not to dance along.

It includes the likes of Harry Potter, Downton Abbey, Stand by Me, Cars, Merlin and Midnight in Paris, and promises a brighter day. (Also please note I do not own, nor have created any of the below footage or accompanying music.)

Happy Valentine’s Day!