Piece of Paper

As everyone knows a resume will make or break your opportunities, so the pressure is on when you sit down at your computer and open a blank document. You need to capture the reader, then hold them for at least 10 seconds to have a chance at an interview. It cannot be too long, nor too short and must explain your skills and attributes without being too arrogant, but neither too meek. Further if you’re in the creative industry it should reflect your flair and pazazz; so layout, colour and font procrastination is inevitable.

Surprisingly I made a fair bit of progress today after days of colour theme and font deliberation, (I find choosing fonts such a painful process.) What’s more I managed to fit it all nicely on one page. One page! So neat! Mind, then you think about it and it feels somewhat depressing that your life can be whittled down to a single piece of paper and that this paper is you.
However I am so glad that this process is done and with just a few final tweaks to be made, I should be ready to begin applications in a few days, allowing for folio creation. The joys of tomorrow.
ENTHUSIASM LEVEL: meh, I could be doing holiday activities.

Because we all want to know how to write a killer resume, there are so many articles on getting it right. Here’s a couple I referred too.
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Wireless Detox

During the holidays I usually get into a routine: wake up, eat breakfast, have an hour or two of free time, (generally on the computer), then attempt to make a dent in the homework pile. It’s been three weeks and so far the bite I have made into it, is more of a nibble. Nonetheless slowly I’m getting through it.

However each morning as I get out my homework, I am faced with the same third world problem, PC? Laptop? Ipad? Or good old-fashioned paper & pen? Although let’s be honest, the latter is not often my first choice. Our generation has been blessed with these choices, each with their vices and virtues, but I have to admit juggling between them is becoming overwhelming and somewhat a task in itself. Recently I have noticed how often I have jumped onto the computer to whip up some thumbnails, something I used to enjoy doing by hand. Or flicked through the Ipad to brainstorm ideas, forgetting to scratch up the beloved mind maps I used to create. Furthermore I don’t even think I have picked up a pen to write more than a birthday card greeting in over six months. This, you could say, is somewhat unhealthy and what’s more I waste time messing between them. I will start on one computer, then after some time; grow weary of the ‘scenery’ and move to the Ipad or the laptop. Then I realise I forgot to save my work to Drop Box so have to switch back. It’s exhausting and oddly increasing my stress levels. My brain feels scattered, once I was able to pick up a folio and say ‘Ok, this is what I have done so far,’ now if I need to gather my work, it takes half an hour or so until I finally collect it all together, (although this could say something about my organisation system.)

However organisational skills aside, I am going to go on a technology detox; no Ipad, computer or laptop use for homework over the next week. This is no excuse not to do homework; I must complete the same amount I would have done otherwise. But I need to get back in touch with paper and pen! With the likes of Photoshop at my fingertips, I fear I have lost the ability to draw. I mean why draw when I can get my ideas looking like the real deal? But that’s not the point, I need a break from them all and so do my eyes, even now my screen is too bright, it’s causing me to squint, despite the fact it’s on the lowest brightness, (again, this may be my eye site at fault but not the point.)

Funnily enough, I have no issues with mobile phones, somehow I skipped out on that obsession, my phone only used to make the occasional phone call. So mobile phones= ok, but I will attempt this one week detox of the other trio and hopefully it will not only reunite me with my lost sketch book but lower my stress levels. Regrettably I have been distracted yet again by technology; I’m supposed to be doing homework, so back to the books for me, literally, for the first time in a long time.


Paper planes

There is this saying which my teacher regularly quotes- ‘if the the client gives you a budget of $500, don’t present them with a Ferrari’ and it was keeping this in mind, that we developed our latest Eastland display for Kate Hill. With only two weeks to conceive and create our display, and only $300 in pocket, we had to keep this display simple. Ideas of conveyor belts and airports were tossed around, but reality reminded us that these, though respectable ideas, were near impossible. The suggestion of paper planes was great for the tight budget and time limit- 100 planes later and our display is finished and looking pretty good! The toughest apspect was choosing the colours, and that’s hardly something to complain about.
Even so it was a stressful display, with communications slow and time ticking by at a rapid pace. I have decided that yes, email is a fantastic creation that allows you to avoid using the dreaded telephone, but to call is a hundred times faster when trying to work out details with clients. Yet although I admit this, it is one thing to preach and another to practice; I feel for now I will still be emailing first, just in case they do reply super quickly, because I’m a scaredy cat. In terms of outcome: I think it looks quite pretty, it reflects the Kate Hill brand and captures the idea of air travel, it compliments the luggage and is aesthetically pleasing. Though there a few small flaws in the web of planes, it’s difficult to get such things perfect, it doesn’t really affect it. Oh and if you ever need to suspend planes, I feel we developed a pretty effective method, but not once we overcomplicated it entirely. Sometimes the best solutions, are the most obvious ones.




Marvellous Creations

ImageFirstly I would like to apologise for the horrible photo, I’m working on it.
Brief: Create a window display advertising food, beauty products, stationary or something else, but I can’t quite remember. Also include a paper sculpture, which we made in studio.

This window was created in June I think, our second display. My idea was to create hot air balloons, to advertise the new Cadbury chocolate, to reflect their fun new ads advertising the Marvellous Creations. (Once again no copyright intended, I have no idea if I have to put this in but better be safe than sorry)

I am 75% pleased with this, I left way too much negative space at the bottom of the window! This is because I suspended my first balloon too high and by the time I got to the bottom I had all this negative space left over. It was our first time suspending so I suppose I should be pleased they stayed up at all but it was annoying all the same! Perhaps I should have suspended from the ground up, as they are such high windows, people are more likely to look down then up.

LESSON LEARNT: I learnt a few things through this window. Firstly paper does not smoothly go onto a round surface, so my balloons were very textured!  Secondly my clouds below the chocolates could have been bigger. I didn’t even think of this until my teacher suggested it afterwards- he was right they would have looked fuller and fluffier, mind you to begin with it was hard to take the criticism. So that was another lesson to take on- any opinions on your work will help you grow and better yourself so don’t take it personally and get offended. (Easier said then done mind you) The constructive criticism made me hate my display at the time! I couldn’t see past the flaws, but I must realise nothing is perfect and never will be so just take it on and improve next time.

Oh finally, don’t use masking tape alone to hold things onto a suspended item. One of my chocolates missed the double sided tape and the next day it had fallen on the floor. MAKE SURE you use the correct adhesives; there is nothing more painful seeing your hard work fall apart. Thank god I got to go in and fix it!